The AREBT expects all its full members/practitioners to be qualified to practice Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), having a core profession (or equivalent knowledge, skills and attitudes), and recognised training in the practice of REBT.

Some of these full members/practitioners will have met additional requirements for accreditation (which usually indicates post graduate training in REBT) and will be represented on The CBT Register UK and Ireland

Such training standards detailed here relate to individual therapists and are separate from standards required of training courses.   They are also separate from the training standards required for accreditation.  Practitioners seeking accreditation need to refer to our ‘Training Standards – Accreditation’ guidance.

Whilst at this time AREBT does not accredit training courses, we do have a formal ‘Course Recognition’ process in REBT.   Details of recognised training in AREBT are available here.

We have also included an overview of the skills and competencies needed to practice REBT for those members of the public interested in learning more about REBT or in training in REBT here.

The current set of training standards has the aims of:

  • Providing people seeking further training with core standards/competencies they will be expected to meet within their overall training in Rational Emotive Behaviour/Cognitive Behaviour therapies.
  • Providing REBT training courses with a guide to the training needs which will be met by their training programme.
  • Providing practitioners already accredited with the BABCP with some recognised ‘top up training’ which can lead to dual accreditation status with AREBT
  • Providing practitioners in other modalities of psychotherapy with an interest in training in REBT with information about training standards (and AREBT recognised training courses)