NB: Our Accreditation pages (including forms and guidance) are currently in the process of being updated.  If you wish to apply for accreditation in the near future, please contact us on for further guidance.

AREBT is the lead organisation for REBT in the UK and Ireland.   Together with the BABCP we provide practitioner accreditation for REBT/CBT therapists living and working in the UK and Ireland.

Accreditation means that a REBT/CBT therapist has both core professional mental health training or recognised equivalent, as well as specific REBT/CBT training.   To be accredited our members must have applied and demonstrated that they meet high standards of training and experience in REBT/CBT.   They also commit to maintaining our standards of clinical practice, clinical supervision and continued professional development.  Accredited members are audited to ensure they continue to meet these expectations.

The CBT Register

AREBT and BABCP have created a centralised process for accreditation and placement on our joint CBT Register.   The CBT Register is a joint public register of all our accredited members and accredited members from the BABCP.  As REBT is a form of cognitive therapy, we have an agreement with the BABCP that means that the accreditation and standards of both organisations are aligned.

The aim of the CBT Register is to protect the public, employers and other agencies by helping them to find therapists who have met these standards.

This agreement with the BABCP means that therapists who are eligible can opt to be assessed for dual provisional accreditation, with both the AREBT and the BABCP.   Applicants must be members of both organisations in order to be dual accredited.   New sole accreditation applications via AREBT are not being accepted at this time.   All new applicants are advised to apply for dual accreditation with the BABCP, who are managing the accreditation application process on our behalf.   Applications for dual accreditation must be made using the forms and guidelines available on our website.  Please see our Practitioner Accreditation page for full details.

All candidates will need to apply via the BABCP for dual accreditation, as all accreditors (including REBT trained accreditors) are currently trained and managed by the BABCP.  The BABCP also manages the process of online application.   Before you submit an application for dual accreditation, please contact AREBT on

Our Code of Conduct

All members agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.   Complaints about members who may have breached these can be made using the complaints and disciplinary process.


AREBT members who have met the Entry Criteria and Minimum Training Standards for accreditation, can apply to become dual accredited with the AREBT and BABCP.

KSA (Key Skills and Abilities)

In addition to completing the accreditation application form applicants who do not have core professional qualifications as listed under AREBT accreditation guidelines will need to go through the KSA route to establish equivalence to Criterion One – Core Profession. For detailed information please see our KSA page.

First accreditation audit

You must submit your First Accreditation Audit application 12 months from the date of award of Practitioner Accreditation.   If you do not apply, or do not meet the annual standards for Practitioner Accreditation, you will no longer be accredited and your details will be removed from the CBT Register UK and Ireland.

Please go to our First Accreditation Audit page for more information.

Re-accreditation: Maintaining Accredited Status

Accreditation is then renewed every year by online declaration.  During that year you are advised to keep a yearly record of required CPD training and supervision, as this may be required should you be audited. A proportion of applicants for re-accreditation are audited every year.

Please go to our Re-accreditation page.

Supervisor Accreditation

Download the appropriate documents from the links below:

Coaching Accreditation

Download the appropriate documents from the links below to ascertain all the necessary forms to apply for AREBT recognised REBCoach accreditation and CBCoach accreditation: