NB: Due to the current situation with COVID-19, it is not possible to accept forms by post. Please contact the office before completing any forms if you intend to submit in the near future.

Provisional Accreditation

AREBT members who have met the Entry Criteria and Minimum Training Standards for accreditation, can apply to become accredited with the AREBT.

The accreditation process involves applying firstly for provisional accreditation (stage 1).

Please go to our Provisional Accreditation page.

Download the provisional accreditation form (which can also be used for dual accreditation – see below).

KSA (Key Skills and Abilities)

In addition to completing the provisional application form applicants who do not have core professional qualifications as listed under AREBT provisional accreditation guidelines will need to go through the KSA route to establish equivalence to Criterion One – Core Profession. For detailed information:

Please go to our KSA page.

Dual Accreditation/CBT Register

AREBT and BABCP have created a centralised process for accreditation and placement on our joint CBT Register.

This means that therapists who are eligible can opt to be assessed for dual provisional accreditation, with both the AREBT and the BABCP.  There is a space on the application form to indicate if you wish to be dual assessed.  Applicants must be members of both organisations in order to be assessed in this way.

Full Accreditation

Therapists then apply after 12 months for full accreditation (stage 2).

Please go to out Full Accreditation page.

The overall process of Accreditation is not complete until Full Accreditation has been granted. If an application for Full Accreditation is not received, or granted, then the practitioner’s status of Provisional Accreditation will be revoked, and the individual will not be listed on the AREBT list of accredited members and/or the CBT Register (if applicable).

Re-accreditation: Maintaining Accredited Status

Accreditation is then renewed every year by online declaration.  During that year you are advised to keep a yearly record of required CPD training and supervision, as this may be required should you be audited. A proportion of applicants for re-accreditation are audited every year.

Please go to our Re-accreditation page.

Supervisor Accreditation


Coaching Accreditation

Download the appropriate documents from the links below to ascertain all the necessary forms to apply for AREBT recognised REBCoach accreditation and CBCoach accreditation: