Doctoral Research Community

Doctoral Research Community

In order to support the doctoral research community, the AREBT Research Centre will list on our website doctoral students (PhD, DPsych, DPhil & DProf) undertaking REB therapy, coaching, training, sport, and consultancy related research. The Centre is also interested in research in allied fields such as positive psychology in which the techniques and interventions could be integrated within rational emotive and cognitive behavioural practice.

If you are undertaking a doctoral research programme at an accredited university please contact us with information in the format below:

  1. Name:
  2. Name of Institution:
  3. Type of degree:
  4. Title of research being undertaken:
  5. Name of supervisor(s):
  6. Start and predicted finish of degree (month/year):
  7. University departmental website URL:
  8. Contact email address:

This will help us to help you to promote your research and engage with others interested in your area of research. In addition, you will be invited to submit posters for our annual London conference. This can include research protocols sharing your proposed research programme would be an option if you are still at an early stage of your doctorate programme.

If you are interested in research, then please join the AREBT Research Forum on Linkedin.

Please email us your information to: