International Relaxation Day

International Relaxation Day, 15th August


International Relaxation Day will be held on the 15th August, 2023.  The Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour supports International Relaxation Day. Our involovement includes supporting the webinar titled: International Relaxation Day: The effectiveness of relaxation techniques across a broad spectrum of physical and psychological health-related issues. The webinar will be for both health professionals and members of the public with an interest in learning more about relaxation techniques. The two speakers are AREBT members, Prof Stephen Palmer PhD and Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD.

What’s involved for International Relaxation Day?

International Relaxation Day is an opportunity to reflect and share the importance of relaxation and how people, families, organisations and communities can learn about applying relaxation in their daily lives and routines. Social media can be used to share what methods you have found useful to aid relaxation. You can use the hashtags: #InternationalRelaxationDay #InternationalRelaxationDay2023 #Relaxation