Provisional Accreditation

Provisional Accreditation

You need to be a full member before applying for Provisional Accreditation.   Please refer to the Membership Section of the website for details of how to apply.

In order to become an accredited therapist with the AREBT, you will need to firstly check your eligibility to apply under the Guidelines for Provisional Accreditation.

Please read these Guidelines in full before completing your application, or submitting any questions to us regarding the Provisional Accreditation process, as the Guidelines should answer most of your accreditation queries.


In brief, to be eligible, you need to fulfil the following seven criteria:

  • Have a relevant core professional training, to degree level or equivalent*.

  • Have been accountable for your own professional practice to a senior member of your own, or another of the relevant Core Professions for at least one year since professional qualification (OR the last of your KSA Criteria being met).

  • Provide a satisfactory statement of training in the theory and practice of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy related to designated areas of competence (See AREBT Minimum Training Standards – below).

  • Have ongoing REBT/CBT Clinical Supervision, including regular live assessment of practice.

  • Sign a statement of intent to submit an application for Full Accreditation after a further 12 months, and to sustained commitment to the theory and practice of REBT/CBT which includes Continuing Professional Development, and ongoing Clinical Supervision.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the therapeutic relationship and competence in the development, maintenance and ending of such relationships.

  • Adhere to the AREBT Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Members (see below), and be willing to be scrutinised in this adherence as required (as well as BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Members if dual accredited and/or on the CBT Register).

*If you do not have a Core Profession, you will need to complete a KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) Portfolio.  Please see the KSA section of the Accreditation Pages for further information.

Core Professions

AREBT Minimum Training Standards

AREBT Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Members

For detailed information regarding the above requirements, please consult the Provisional Accreditation Guidelines.

The forms that will need to be completed as part of your application for provisional accreditation (along with guidance documents/examples) are available below:

Application for Provisional Accreditation

Criteria and Guidelines for Provisional Accreditation

Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor’s Report Sample

Professional’s Report

Professional’s Report Sample

Professional’s Report

Professional’s Report Sample

For KSA applicants – please consult the KSA section of the accreditation pages.


Criterion 3D – Training and CPD extra pages

Criterion 4 – Supervision extra pages

Additional Information

Case Study Marking Criteria

This document establishes standards and criteria for the assessment of written case studies where the assessment takes place outside the regulations of an academic body.

AREBT Case Study Marking Criteria

Close Supervision Guidelines

This document is produced as a guide for those providing close supervision to be used as evidence for the purposes of Provisional Accreditation.

AREBT Close Supervision Guidelines