AREBT Complaints Procedure

AREBT Complaints Procedure

Complaints about an accredited AREBT member represented on The CBT Register are handled on behalf of AREBT by the BABCP, our partner on The CBT Register.

If the member you wish to raise a complaint about is accredited and represented on The CBT Register then please follow this link to find out more about making a complaint:

BABCP | British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies > About > Raising a concern

If the AREBT member is not accredited or represented on The CBT Register then please read the AREBT Complaints Procedure here and contact if you wish to make a complaint.

Complaints normally must be made in writing to the email address above. However, if you have difficulties making a complaint in writing, please call us on 07953 102089 so that we can assist you.