Re-accreditation by Annual Declaration

The new annual system of Re-accreditation was launched at the beginning of July by BABCP for Joint Accredited members and is now being launched by the AREBT for sole accredited members. All fully accredited members now re-accredit every year.

Anyone who would have been due to engage in this process up to June 2018 will not do so until 2019 and will stay accredited until then.

The New Process

Re-accreditation is a process by which fully accredited practitioners, supervisors and trainers listed on CBT Register UK can take personal responsibility for up-keeping standards for ongoing supervision and continuing professional development (CPD).

Joint Accredited Members

Joint Fully Accredited members (with both BABCP and AREBT) in current practice will demonstrate this commitment by making annual online declarations. This is currently by email. Information on the declaration can be found at

You will be invited by email to make your electronic declaration a few weeks prior it being due. The due date will generally be on the anniversary of the award of your last accreditation or re-accreditation, even if that was less than five years ago. For example, a member who gained full accreditation 1/2/16 will re-accredit within the new system on 1/2/19 and every year after that on the same date.

Should no declaration be made, the invitation email will be followed up with a further reminder from accreditation admin – and if there is no response to this further prompt within a calendar month, this will result in self-removal from the Register. In this case, it will be possible to go through the process of re-instatement:

Sole Accredited Members

Sole Fully Accredited Members (with AREBT) will follow the same process, but will make their annual declaration by downloading the declaration form on the AREBT website and submitting this directly to the AREBT Accreditation Director.

AREBT Annual Declaration for Re-accreditation Form

Verification of Accreditation

After receiving each online declaration, the admin team will send a confirmation of re-accreditation within 28 days. Kindly be patient and only chase this is more than 28 days has elapsed since you sent the declaration.

Certificates are no longer issued at re-accreditation, so whether you have recently re-accredited or whether you have stayed accredited whilst waiting for the process to launch and will re-accredit in future months, your ongoing accreditation status can be verified on the CBT Register UK.

Documents for Recording and Audit

Commencing in autumn 2018, there will be an ongoing audit of a percentage of fully accredited members who have made declarations each year. It is statistically likely that you will be audited every five years, however the selection will be made randomly so it is not possible to know when or how often you will be audited.

We recommend that you use the forms required for audit to also contemporaneously record your supervision and CPD for twelve-month periods.

If you are selected for audit, you will only need to show the previous twelve months’ details on these documents. Any periods of leave of absence should be noted on the forms – you will not be expected to demonstrate CPD or supervision in this time, however you must be in practice to complete the audit.

Summary of Documents Required for Practitioner Re-accreditation:
Here is an at-a-glance list with links to the documents required for re-accreditation/audit:

•    AREBT Reaccreditation Supervisor’s Report 
•    AREBT Collaborative Supervision Summary
•    AREBT CPD Evidence for Audit
•    AREBT REBT CBT -CPD Reflective Statement

Re-accreditation Guidelines and Samples

•    AREBT Reaccreditation Guidelines REBT CBT Practice 
•    AREBT Reaccreditation Guidelines Supervision
•    AREBT Collaborative Supervision Summary Sample
•    AREBT Reaccreditation Guidelines CPD
•    AREBT CPD Evidence for Audit Sample
•    AREBT REBT CBT – CPD Reflective Statement Samples