Any member of AREBT who has been a Full member for a minimum of 5 consecutive years at the point of application AND [ONE OF MORE OF THE FOLLOWING]:

  • Has practiced as an accredited AREBT therapist for at least two consecutive years at the point of application.
  • Possesses a research qualification and has been engaged in the application, discovery, development, or dissemination of works predominantly associated with REBT, for a minimum period of two years.
  • Published psychological works or exercised specialized psychological knowledge predominantly associated with REBT, for a minimum period of two years.

The successful applicant may use the title only so long as he/she remains a member of the Association.


Application will be made by the member and will require two references from Full members of AREBT. The referees will be required to substantiate the claims of the applicant.

Application will be made via applications on the societies web site to the Societies’ Hon. Secretary who will forward the application to the fellows sub- committee, after checking the basic member details.

The fellows sub-committee will scrutinize the application and will ‘sign’ off the application, requesting the Hon. Sec. to notify the applicant of the success of the application. In the event the fellows sub-committee feel unable to sign off on the application they must refer the application, together with details of their reservations, to the next full committee meeting of the Association. The decision of the committee will be notified to the Hon. Sec. of the Association to report its findings back to the applicant. The decision of the committee of AREBT is full and final, and not open to challenge.

Outcome and charges

Successful applicants will be entitled to use the letters FAREBT. This will replace the letters MAREBT for those applicants who are already entitled to use MAREBT.

The cost of application will be £60. The application is a one off and non-refundable.

The Hon Sec will inform the successful applicant.

Click here to download the application form for AREBT fellowship.



Honorary fellowships are awarded to those who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to REBT.

In respect of Honorary Fellows there are two categories:

[1] Outstanding and meritorious service to AREBT. (Longevity of service would not of itself constitute an award)

[2] An outstanding contribution to the furtherance of REBT. This might be in the area of research, clinical contribution, publication, or training.

The AREBT Board of Directors, Fellowship or Awards Committee are responsible for the nominations for Honorary Fellowship.