Your Accreditation may be lapsed if:

  • you decide you no longer need it
  • you are out of UK REBT/CBT practice for more than two years
  • you don’t maintain Accreditation or Reaccreditation requirements
  • you don’t pay your Accreditation Maintenance and Membership fees
  • a complaint to AREBT/BABCP about you is upheld

In all of these situations, except the last, you can apply for Reinstatement of Accreditation once you are back in practice and able to meet the appropriate requirements. This is a simpler process than Accreditation application.

Reinstatement is a two stage process and the second stage will differ depending on when your accreditation lapsed.    The AREBT process for reinstatement as an accredited psychotherapist mirrors the BABCP process as both AREBT and BABCP accredited psychotherapists are represented on the joint CBT Register.   They are therefore subject to the same standards.

Please see the following link for more information:

BABCP | British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies > Accreditation > Other Accreditations > Reinstatement