Full Accreditation

Full Accreditation

The Accreditation application process is only complete when one year after being awarded Provisional Application, an Application for Full Accreditation is completed.   Please read the Criteria and Guidelines for Full Accreditation in full before commencing your application.

If a candidate fails to submit this Application then their Provisional Application is revoked.

The forms that will need to be completed as part of your application for full accreditation (along with guidance documents/examples) are available below:

Application for Full Accreditation

Criteria and Guidelines for Full Accreditation

Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor’s Report Sample

AREBT Close Supervision Guidelines

Guidelines and Examples for Completion of Log Books of REBT/CBT Clinical Supervision & Reflective Statements of Continuing Professional Development

Log Book REBT Supervision

REBT/CBT Related CPD Reflective Statement